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I’m Baaack

15 Jan

Well, it’s been a while. Several years to be more specific. I’ve been working on a lot of things – been putting in a lot of effort on #39, but more on that to come – and even checked some items off the list. So here goes. I’m back and ready to make a dent in this list!IMG_3703


30 Amazing Things By 30

6 Aug

As I’m preparing for my birthday party tonight and my actual birthday on Tuesday, I started thinking about all the cool things I’ve already done and experienced in my life. I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and shared some special moments with some of my favorite celebs, so in anticipation of the “40 before 40” list I’ll be posting on Tuesday, I thought I would put together a list of 30 amazing things I did before turning 30. I’ve had the privilege of sharing these experiences with some awesome people, so I’m sure this will bring back memories for some of you reading this. Enjoy!


  1. Went swimming with the dolphins in Grand Cayman
  2. Met and shared a longing gaze with George Clooney
  3. Flew over glaciers and then landed on the ocean in a seaplane
  4. Ziplined through the trees in Alaska and Puerto Vallarta
  5. Saw the Mayan ruins in Tulum
  6. Went snorkeling with sea turtles in the Bahamas and Hawaii
  7. Took an oyster shooter in Vegas
  8. Flew right next to Mt. McKinley in a prop plane
  9. Bought a “designer” purse from a sketchy man in a van in NY
  10. Talked about playing the banjo with Dave Matthews
  11. Lived on Kauai for a summer
  12. Danced in a parade in Paris
  13. Sponsored a family for Christmas
  14. Traveled with a professional cycling race
  15. Attempted to take a photo of the Mona Lisa
  16. Got a tattoo that was specially drawn for me
  17. Went parasailing in Puerto Vallarta, Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas
  18. Took a photo in 4 states at one time
  19. Walked through a real castle in Versailles
  20. Held a monkey in the rainforest in Honduras
  21. Drank a Duck Fart with the locals (and a group of rowdy travel bloggers) in Alaska
  22. Walked through Central Park in stiletto boots
  23. Jumped off the top of a waterfall in Hawaii
  24. Got into the communications major at UCSB and graduated in 4 years
  25. Waited on Jack Johnson and then reminded him I had been his server when I met him for the second time (very smooth)
  26. Took Jell-O shots with my mom in Vegas
  27. Cheered at the Big West tournament as a UCSB Gaucho cheerleader
  28. Hung out with Egypt’s head of antiquities at the King Tut museum exhibit
  29. Danced at the halftime of a Clipper’s game
  30. Started a blog

40 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 40

1 Aug

As my 30th birthday kept creeping closer and closer, everyone started asking me what I would be doing to celebrate. Now this is a logical question, especially considering the bashes I’ve thrown the past couple of years – rooftop pool party in Manhattan Beach when I turned 28, golf-themed pub crawl complete with costumes and scorecards for my 29th – but this year was different. I hadn’t put any thought into my birthday and I honestly just wasn’t very excited about it at all. That was until the morning of Wednesday, July 27.

While getting ready for work, in the shower to be exact, I had an epiphany – I didn’t want to get drunk and crazy for my birthday; I wanted to start doing some of the things I had always wanted to do…start checking off my bucket list. In general, I’m not a fan of the term “bucket list” because it sounds way too morbid – and let’s be honest, I’m getting old, but not THAT old – so I decided to create a list of 40 things I want to accomplish before I’m 40.

I’m still working on creating the actual list, but I plan to post it on my birthday (Aug. 9). So far some of them are pretty simple, but I somehow have still managed to put them off, and some are a bit more complicated and will take a little planning. I’m hoping that when I turn 40 (or hopefully even before then) I’ll be able to look at this list and know that I had an awesome 10 years doing the things I have always wanted to do. And then it will be time for 50 things to do before I’m 50!

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