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#11 Go horseback riding by the Hollywood sign – Yee Haw!

15 Aug

This weekend got off to a great start with plans to check the first thing off my list. I should kick this off with a little bit of background on how this item actually made it to the list. A couple of years ago one of my best friends, Anita Singh, and I were watching an episode of “The Girls Next Door,” a great show from the masterminds at E! Entertainment, that featured the girls horseback riding up by the Hollywood sign. It looked like so much fun that we vowed to go on the same adventure sometime soon (see the video below for a taste of how we got convinced). After talking about doing it for several of my birthdays to no avail, I decided it needed to be added to the list to actually get accomplished.

To get our adventure started Anita and another one of my closest friends, Heidi Loera, met at my place in Marina del Rey. We got decked out in our best horseback riding/cowgirl outfits (Heidi even Googled it to be sure we were dressed appropriately) and headed out to Hollywood. Note that we definitely would have been wearing cowboy hats if we weren’t provided with those stylish white helmets. As we were climbing the hill with the Hollywood sign getting bigger and bigger right before our eyes, we knew we were almost there.

Despite being located right in Hollywood, Sunset Ranch is no sissy horseback riding attraction. It’s a real ranch and you can smell the horses from a mile away. After a short wait and several photo opps, we were matched up with our horses – Anita with Trigger, Heidi with Patches, and me with Ace. Now they mention in the “Girls Next Door” episode that the horses are matched to their riders personality – I’d say that mine was a little pushy and stubborn, Anita’s was well behaved aside from stopping to eat a lot, and Heidi’s was a bit rebellious – take from that what you want. 🙂

The ride was really fun. We went through the hills and up to the top where we were able to get an amazing scenic panoramic view of Los Angeles (so you know we took at least 100 photos…especially with Anita there!). The only disappointing part was that we didn’t get to be closer to the Hollywood sign, but I think that’s a preservation thing, so I’ll get over it.

The website warns that “you will use muscles that you may not have known you had,” and boy were they right! My knees were hurting by the end of the ride and today my butt and legs are a little sore. I guess that’s what happens as you start getting older! My only other warning/suggestion would be to bring a bandana to cover your face. While it looks ridiculous, it will protect you from breathing in all the dirt that gets kicked up on the ride (just don’t take any photos during that part).

Overall, it was an amazing experience that I’m so happy I was able to share with two of my closest friends. We checked the first thing off my list and I will remember it forever!

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