#4 Run a 10K – Part 1 (The Decision)

6 Jun

Once again, this blog post is long overdue, but I think I’ve just accepted that posting in a timely fashion is not my strong suit. 🙂

When I set the goal to complete a 10K last August I hadn’t ever run in a competitive race, but under the influence of Heidi Loera, I ran my first 5K on Dec. 11. It wasn’t that bad and I actually did a lot better than I expected.

I liked it so much I signed up for another one soon after in January. Right around the same time, my trainer (Mychael Shannon) started trying to convince me and the rest of his clients that we should join the triathlon team he was forming. The team would be comprised of beginners and would raise awareness and funds for his charity, The Cycle Project, which aims to fight childhood obesity.

At first I thought he was crazy! I mean, my longest, most competitive race was a 5K in Playa del Rey. How in the world would I swim, bike and run all in one race???

Over the course of the next couple weeks, Mychael, my workout buddy Jamie Thibault and I talked about the tri every morning at bootcamp. We discussed it so much and I asked so many questions that what had never been a goal of mine started to feel like one. And with that, on Feb. 22, I finally broke down and joined the team.

Now that I had made the commitment, I had to start physically and, maybe even more importantly, mentally preparing for this challenge…especially considering I hadn’t swam since I was probably 7 and didn’t own a road bike.

Put on by TriEvents, the triathlon our coach wanted us to do was in San Dimas and featured two distances. The first distance (the one I agreed to do) featured a 300 meter swim, 13.3K bike ride and 5K run. The second included a 1.5K swim, a 39.5K bike ride and 10K run, which seemed insane!

I figured that if I put my mind to it I could accomplish anything, so I got a sexy Speedo bathing suit and an awesome Specialized bike, and started joining the practices. Hopefully, I would be ready in time…


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